Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Publish Online Storybooks for Children

A 2010 New York Times survey found that kids between the ages of 9 to 18 spend an average of an hour and a half per day on the computer and internet. This fact could be useful for you, if you have a great short story for kids with whom you want to share and encourage making their own storybooks. Online storybook publishing is an excellent way to bring your works to a wider audience.

Following are some of the Instructions on How to make Online Storybooks for Children:

Develop an idea for your story theme. Anything can be the motivation for a story: a dream, an exciting movement, personality, sounds or any specific place. Write down your ideas whenever they come to you. Ultimately, your story needs to have three basic elements: characters, a plot, and a setting. Writing out a map of the story, or drawing a story board, can help you combine these elements with your ideas.

Write a summary of your story. Use language which is easy to understand for children. The story must be charming and entertaining to read. Bear in mind that your projected audience has a certain vocabulary and understanding level. If children can not understand your story, you must find a way to make it easier to get to to them.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Improve Your Kids Short Story Writing Skill

Imaginative Story writing will help your kids to develop their writing by using their thoughts with a fine story. The main aim is to keep your kids busy while you write and the added bonus is an allowing your children to use their imaginations may they not have considered before.

Some times children may not give much essential to creative writing. However, it is an important part of their education as Little Brain Write will help to improve their English Writing, Reading and imagination skill. The right Short Story writing activities can make creative writing more fun and appealing to children. There are all different types of Story writing activities that can help with various areas of the writing process.

At the school level there are some benefits to taking a story writing workshop. It will give opportunity for students to brainstorm with other students or writer and to critique each others work. Story writing helps the student to learn sufficient movement like action; plot and any past story which is necessary to the flow of the writing and it also teach innovative approaches. It is a one of the source of inspiration for budding writers. There are many creative stories writing software available that that layout the format for you all you need to do is to furnish the idea.

Importance of Short Story Writing

Creative short story writing is qualified in a variety of ways for kids. Short Story writing will helps kids to learn the basics of writing in English and grammar. The creative part can be sparked through prompts and exercises. Many kids prefer to write on topic given by others, what they did on summer or on picnic or some funny things. You can give them a topic considering their preference, or have they come up with own themselves. Some Children’s need a little nudge to come up with Creativity and what they want to write about.

Creative writing will allow your kids to use their own imaginations, things or experience to come up with a good story. Its make your kids to think on a particular topic which is given by others. The main aim is to keep your school aged kids busy while you write and prompts will gives the added bonus as we discussed early like use their imaginations and things in such a ways they might not have considered before.