Sunday, April 17, 2011

Importance of Short Story Writing

Creative short story writing is qualified in a variety of ways for kids. Short Story writing will helps kids to learn the basics of writing in English and grammar. The creative part can be sparked through prompts and exercises. Many kids prefer to write on topic given by others, what they did on summer or on picnic or some funny things. You can give them a topic considering their preference, or have they come up with own themselves. Some Children’s need a little nudge to come up with Creativity and what they want to write about.

Creative writing will allow your kids to use their own imaginations, things or experience to come up with a good story. Its make your kids to think on a particular topic which is given by others. The main aim is to keep your school aged kids busy while you write and prompts will gives the added bonus as we discussed early like use their imaginations and things in such a ways they might not have considered before.

Benefits of Story Writing for kids:

• It’s Broadening the Thought Process in kids
• Creative Writing Prompts Imitating You while Writing
• Keeps School-Aged kids Busy while you are writing
• Story writing teaches persuasiveness and discipline
• Kids Story writing can be used as Therapy
• Its also Improve Grammar skills in kids
• Helps to come up with new ideas or thoughts

In addition to above Creative story writing also beneficial for curricular activities like Group writing or workshops for same age group. Creative Kids Story writing is the best option for the child who wants to teach writing or to become an Author. Parents should not dismiss a child’s passion for writing. We know it’s not possible for every one to earn like J.K. Rowling but there are many lucrative careers which are related to creative writing. You can propel them to higher levels confidence with their writing by encouraging.

lla Mehta is the Creator of Frustrated by the homogeneity and commercialization of contemporary storybook literature aimed at young children, she brainstormed a story writing site that enables young learners to develop their own customizable storybook literature. Personalized storytelling and Story Writing empowers children to take pride in their individuality. For more details visit


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